Where to park your car during your vacation

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Are you going on a trip soon and going to take the plane, train or boat? That’s great, but where are you going to park your car on your vacation?

Indeed, depending on the place of departure, the means of transport chosen, the duration of the trip, and whether you are going solo, as a couple, or as a family, certain solutions will be more or less advantageous for you!

Here are a few tips to help you have a peaceful vacation without worrying about your car!

In the airport, train station or port car park

To be independent and have your car available on departure and arrival, the ideal is to park in the car park at the airport, train station or port, or nearby, depending on your means of transport. This solution has many advantages, especially if you have a lot of luggage if you are traveling with your family,… but it is above all a matter of independence. Indeed, you will not be dependent on a loved one, on public transport,… In addition, we often have no other choice than to park near the airport for various reasons.

To help you, you can, for example, use a price comparison site online which compares car parks near airports. It’s very simple, you just have to enter the city that interests you, the dates and times and then you will have the list of partner car parks available with the prices and details of the services offered.

If you are departing from an airport other than Lyon airport, you can also compare other car parks in other cities with this site which displays 242 partners spread over 24 airports. It is very practical and fast because you will be able to see at a glance the prices of the various car parks and the services offered (shuttle, valet, indoor or outdoor parking, etc.).

To go or not to go on vacation by car, that is the question…

Going by car: the advantages

The problem with Hamlet (the famous character who pronounced to be or not to be, such as the question for those who did not follow), is that he preferred to ask the question of existence rather than of prepare for vacation. Without wanting to spoil it, it certainly would have done him good if you ask our opinion.

Finally, we would like to help you find a happier outcome than that of this poor fellow. Also, a good solution when you don’t know what to do with your vehicle when you go on vacation is to get behind the wheel and park near your destination. After all, going by car has many advantages:

  1. It remains the best way to visit the surroundings in complete freedom. Yes, you can even go see this cute little village lost in the mountain where no bus passes!
  2. Why not stop along the way and take a road trip? You might even go through an alternate route on the way back and see even more towns and villages along the way.
  3. Consider camping or traveling in a motorhome. We even have RV parking near western European cities in case you want to pass by.
  4. A car trip is generally less expensive than a plane, train, or boat trip. You can even make your trip profitable by carpooling!

Well, you have to admit that if you plan to go to Japan or Patagonia, leaving with your car can become a real challenge (if you did, we will listen to you!). But you can’t have it all, can you?

Do not leave by car: what to do with your car when you are not using it?

You plan to go on vacation without your vehicle and now you are wondering where to leave your car in its absence?

Several solutions are available to you. You can always ask a loved one if they have a parking space or parking space to leave your car if they decide to leave on the same dates as you. Or maybe you have some very nice relatives who are willing to let you in, who knows after all?

Come on, to give you a hand, we’ve even prepared a little message for you to send. You just have to copy it and send it to your friends:

Hello ! It’s okay ? I’m going on vacation soon and wanted to know if you don’t know a place where I can leave my car safe?

That said, if your friends are already gone (or if they’re not that nice after all), you might also consider leaving your car in a parking lot with a monthly pass if you’re going for more than a month.

Finally, another alternative is to let someone else do it for you. With carsharing, you can leave your rental vehicle with a private individual. It is a good way to make money with your car while you are away. So you won’t have to think about where to leave your car while you go on vacation, it will be the person renting your car who does it for you!

Leave it at home

Nothing better than leaving your car at home in your garage when possible. But this solution requires taking public transport to get to the airport and when you are loaded with luggage it is not ideal or when the flight schedules do not coincide with the public transport schedules.

In addition, if you are going on a family vacation, it is not easy to leave the vehicle at home and find another means of transport. Finally, if your home is far from the airport, the train station or the port, you will have to take your car.

Park with a loved one

If you are lucky enough to have a loved one who lives near the airport and/or can drop you there, and where you can leave your car at their home, that’s great.

However, it is always embarrassing to have to ask to leave your car especially when the duration of the holidays is long, when the schedules to bring you and or to recover you are early in the morning or late at night, or when you are a whole family. going on vacation …

To conclude, sometimes depending on your situation, it is better to pay for parking and have your vehicle available rather than bother with public transport or bother someone to come and pick us up, especially if you are traveling with your family!

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