How to make money in the United States?

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Do you want to earn money in the United States? Have you decided to go on a road trip or is it just a personal project? Do you want to earn money there? Don’t panic, here are some ideas you should definitely like! Ready to learn more?


The United States is one of the countries where it is perfectly possible to work from home. Indeed, you can find a job in a web or communication agency, for example, and carry out your assignments from your home. However, it is important to know that you still have to have a good level of English to hope to find a real contract in this country.

But other online alternatives may be available to you: indeed, you can perfectly decide to open a blog and tell your adventures there. In no time at all, if you have the right techniques, it will be easy for you to make yourself known.

If you are more of a fan of social networks, you can also open an account and showcase the journeys of your trip to the United States. This may leave more than one dreaming!

Door-to-door selling is also a very lucrative business in the United States. Indeed, many makeups, slimming, or travel companies offer you to earn a percentage on the sales you make. Of course, you will once again need to know how to speak English, although you can promote your products directly on social networks for some brands.

Work on a horse ranch!

Don’t feel like traveling to a big city? The buildings of New York and Los Angeles have left you dreaming when you watched television series, but you don’t really want to anymore, now? Do you prefer to be in the depths of Texas or Louisiana? In these remote states, it is perfectly possible to work on a horse ranch or on a farm. Indeed, you are welcomed with open arms in a family that can accommodate and feed you. In return, you help them for a period of time on the farm or ranch concerned.

Sometimes the family also agrees to pay the person who helps them in addition to providing hospitality. So this can be a great idea! In addition, you will be completely immersed in American culture and you will be able to discover the American life that we are not used to seeing in series or action movies.

Are you worried about not knowing how to speak English? Don’t panic, this is the best way to learn the language!

Do odd jobs as a bartender or barista

If you are more of a big city fan, you can always find odd jobs. Indeed, many restaurants and bars are looking for staff: bartender, barista, or even a waiter can also be opportunities that should not be overlooked.

And these positions have several advantages: You could easily improve your English and you will really feel like a New Yorker. Why? Quite simply because you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the city! So you’ll be living at full speed, like the Americans, which can be a good experience.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to get a visa. Indeed, it is very important to be in good standing when you want to work in the United States. And if this seems like a formality to you, it is imperative to educate yourself on the various consequences of working illegally in the United States.

Being an au pair in the United States

The last way to make money in America is definitely the way in many countries: to be an au pair! Obviously, it is a profession that is also open to boys. But what does it consist of? Quite simply, being welcomed into a family, taking care of the children when the parents need it, but also studying. Yes, being an au pair also means being a student in the United States.

To become an au pair, it is important to know that you must apply for a J1 au pair visa. Once you have obtained this visa, it is up to the agency to place you with a family. The latter must be American or a permanent resident of the United States. The au pair is seen as an extension of the family: he has to take care of the children, and that’s it.

Note also that this is a paid job since an au pair earns, on average, 195 dollars per week. She must work 45 hours per week, without exceeding 10 hours per day. Note also that it has the owes to one weekend per month and 1.5 days off, per week.

But be aware that being an au pair is not necessarily easy. Indeed, we must appreciate children and have the necessary recognition if they are young.

Create your own business in the USA

Do you have ambition? Do you see the big picture? Why not go and live in the United States, starting your own business? Many French people, especially in the restaurant business, decide to emigrate to be able to live off their passion. Indeed, you should know that almost anything is possible in the United States, so why not try your luck?

Whether in catering, a business based exclusively in digital, or simply an innovative project, you have a wide choice! You just have to not be afraid to start, which can be complicated!

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to work and earn money in the United States. Obviously, you have to know how to speak English and not have to go abroad. Whether it’s from home in a company, anything is possible! Do not forget to take the correct visa so as not to have any problem with the American police!

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